TESCO Share Price Forecast 2024-2030: Can the Grocery Giant Keep Climbing?

TESCO Share Price Forecast 2024-2030: Tesco, the UK’s leading grocery retailer, has undergone a remarkable turnaround in recent years. After facing difficulties in the early 2010s, the company has implemented a successful turnaround strategy, focusing on cost-cutting, online grocery expansion, and value offerings. This has led to renewed investor confidence, with the share price steadily rising. But what does the future hold for Tesco? In this blog post, we delve into the TESCO Share Price Forecast 2024-2030, analyzing potential growth opportunities, risks, and key factors to watch out for.

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Company Overview

IndustryRetail (Grocery)
HeadquartersWelwyn Garden City, UK
CEOKen Murphy
Market Share (UK)27%

TESCO Share Price Forecast 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028 to 2030

YearMinimum Price Target (£)Maximum Price Target (£)Average Price Target (£)% Change (YoY)

TESCO Share Price Forecast 2024

Tesco, the UK’s grocery giant, is set for further gains in 2024, with analysts predicting an average share price increase of 8.01%. Get a quick glimpse into Tesco’s projected share price journey in the table below:

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YearMinimum Price (£)Maximum Price (£)Average Price (£)% Change (YoY)

TESCO Share Price Forecast 2025

Prepare for another year of positive trajectory for Tesco in 2025, as analysts foresee a robust 25.2% increase in average share price compared to 2024. Here’s a quick look at the predicted figures:

YearMinimum Price (£)Maximum Price (£)Average Price (£)% Change (YoY)

TESCO Share Price Forecast 2030

Looking ahead to 2030, Tesco paints a picture of continued financial brilliance, with analysts predicting an average share price of £14.54, signifying a projected growth of 24.9% from 2029. Dive into the anticipated trajectory below:

YearMinimum Price (£)Maximum Price (£)Average Price (£)% Change (YoY)

Growth Opportunities

  • Online grocery expansion: Tesco is investing heavily in online grocery shopping, a rapidly growing market in the UK.
  • International expansion: Tesco has a strong presence in Central Europe and Asia, with potential for further growth in these markets.
  • Value offerings: Tesco’s focus on value propositions through own-brand products and loyalty programs could attract price-conscious shoppers.

Risks and Challenges

  • Economic slowdown: A recession could impact consumer spending and hurt Tesco’s sales.
  • Competition: Tesco faces stiff competition from discount retailers like Aldi and Lidl, as well as online grocery platforms like Amazon.
  • Execution challenges: Successfully implementing Tesco’s turnaround strategy and growth plans is crucial for future success.

Key Factors to Watch

  • New product launches and initiatives: Tesco’s ability to innovate and attract customers with new offerings will be crucial.
  • Competitor activity: Developments and strategies from rivals like Aldi and Amazon will need monitoring.
  • Economic indicators: Consumer confidence and spending patterns will play a significant role in Tesco’s performance.
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Tesco’s TESCO Share Price Forecast 2024-2030 paints a picture of consistent growth, with analysts expecting an average annual increase of around 15.7%. However, it’s important to remember that these are just forecasts, and unforeseen challenges could impact the trajectory. Investors should carefully consider Tesco’s growth opportunities, risks, and key factors before making any investment decisions.


This blog post does not constitute financial advice. Please consult with a qualified financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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