TV 18 Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030 Prediction

TV 18 Share Price Target 2024: TV 18, a household name in the Indian media landscape, has captivated audiences with its diverse portfolio of news, entertainment, digital, and allied businesses. But for investors, the question burns bright: what does the future hold for TV 18’s share price? Buckle up, because we’re diving deep into projected targets for the next seven years, exploring the company’s strengths, and unveiling potential roadblocks.

TV 18 Full Company Overview

HeadquartersMumbai, India
Key BrandsCNN-News18, CNBC-TV18, Colors, Voot, Moneycontrol, Firstpost,, BookMyShow
SectorsNews, Entertainment, Digital, E-commerce

TV 18 Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030

(Please note these are estimations and not guarantees)

YearMinimum Target (₹)Maximum Target (₹)Average Target (₹)% Change vs. Previous Year

TV 18 Share Price Target 2024

TV 18’s stock could see a strong climb in 2024, with analysts predicting a range between ₹84.16 and ₹97.49, averaging at ₹90.83. This signifies potential growth of up to 24.8% compared to 2023.

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YearAverage Share Price Target (₹)

TV 18 Share Price Target 2025

Building on its 2024 gains, TV 18 is projected to soar in 2025. Analysts eye an average target of ₹113.53, up a promising 24.8% from 2024, with maximum estimates reaching ₹121.86. Keep your eyes peeled on this media giant!

YearAverage Share Price Target (₹)

TV 18 Share Price Target 2030

TV 18’s future shines bright! By 2030, analysts predict an average share price of ₹346.47, potentially tripling your investment. Hold onto your hats for a thrilling ride, with maximum estimates reaching a dazzling ₹371.89!

YearAverage Share Price Target (₹)

Unwinding the Numbers

  • Gradual Ascent: The projections indicate a steady upward climb for TV 18’s share price, suggesting sustained growth rather than sudden spikes.
  • 2025 and Beyond: Investors aiming for mid-term gains can rejoice, with 2025 witnessing a projected 24.8% jump over 2024.
  • Long-Term Optimism: The estimates paint a rosy picture for the long haul, with an average target of ₹346.47 by 2030, signifying a potential increase of over 280% from 2024.

Reasons for Optimism

  • Booming Media Landscape: India’s media and entertainment industry is expected to see robust growth, fueled by rising disposable incomes and internet penetration, benefiting TV 18’s diverse portfolio.
  • Digital Prowess: With strong digital platforms like Voot and Moneycontrol, TV 18 is well-positioned to capture a larger share of the burgeoning digital advertising market.
  • Strategic Expansion: Constant exploration of new markets and segments, like the regional language TV market through the Viacom18 acquisition, opens up exciting growth avenues.

A Word of Caution

While the future seems bright, it’s essential to remember that these are just estimates. Unforeseen factors like economic slowdowns, intense competition, or regulatory changes can disrupt the trajectory.

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Investing in TV 18 hinges on careful research, risk assessment, and understanding your own investment goals. This analysis provides a glimpse into the potential, but always conduct your due diligence before making any investment decisions.


This blog post is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial advice. Seek professional guidance before investing.

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